Sep 3, 2011

Family Trip to the Tigers game equals success.  As a family we are avid Tiger watchers on TV.  We have been to a few game here and there but none recently.  My sister, Tammie got some tickets and we all decided to go.  We had a great time.  Colt enjoys baseball normally so he thought this was pretty awesome.  We didn't have the best seats but it was great to see everything and watch the excitement Colton had all night.  He was a true sport too...stayed up the whole time.  Game got done with a walk-off home-run in the 10th inning making it almost 10:30 pm.  Therefore our 3 hour drive home made it kind of a late night but well worth it.  Thanks Tammie for setting this up:)



Back out to the track.  Not what we have hoped for but is definitely something to build on!  Since it was overall a brand new car there are things you just can't figure out before heading out to the track!  Plus race tracks change so much they are never the same.  The next outing will have improvement:)

A trip to the fair and Colt is all about the tractors.  The rides weren't open when we went but he loved all the animals.  Therefore we helped Grandma with another activity off her bucket list:)

Aug 24, 2011

There is something to say about this woman.  She is an inspiration, giver, motivator, and hero.  On top of that she holds traits of  compassion, love, hope, and faith.  She possess a true heart of GOLD!  She is one that would give up anything just to be able to help and her words back when trying to be repaid..."don't worry about it."  She loves to help and lend a hand.  That is why when she needs help...we are always willing to help with we can.  Today she did an ice cream social at our church for the "older" members of the congregation.  We spent two and a half hours there making sundaes, rootbeer floats, and banana splits.  She goes to the extremes having mashed strawberries, cut up peaches, and all the normal toppings.  Also had 4 different flavors of ice cream and never expects anything in return.  She is an amazing person and we could not love you more Aunt Kay:)

Colt with Aunt Kay

saying CHEESE!

Colt waiting:)

Aug 23, 2011

No pictures with this one because I forgot my camera...However there are memories:)  We headed over to Nick's grandparents house today to do freezer corn.  I love helping with reminds me of helping my grandparents back in the day!  Colton came along too and since it was a Tuesday, Alyssa was there so Colt was happy:)  I don't know how much corn we actually did but I only took home 25 bags.  Colton loved riding the tractor, feeding the horses, and they went inside today to build a fort!  After corn was cleaned up and finish we got pizza and enjoyed some talking.  Today is a day that I look forward to every year!